Pedagogías en serpientes. Taller sobre herramientas de mediación y acciones críticas en el arte



10:00 h

10-14:30 h
10-14:30 h
10-14:30 h
10-14:30 h

This workshop provides a space to explore works and ideas from the 15th FEMSA Biennial through the lens of critical action and collective mediation exercises. The workshop also intends to motivate discussion and knowledge transfer so that participants can design tools to use in their work environments, where they face challenges with pedagogy, audiences, and the public.

Pedagogies and Snakes is rooted in a dialogue between Alejandro Carrillo (Hause Infonavit, León, Guanajuato), Milpa Constellación (Querétaro), Viviane Tabach (Brazil), Jaime Ruíz (Oaxaca), and Dr. Guadalupe de la Cruz Aguilar ( León, Guanajuato). This group, convened by the 15th Femsa Biennial, will guide the workshop.


Open call

Application deadline: June 17, 2024

Free admission

Duration: 18 hours

Limited spots available