Biennial as a program

Since their nineteenth-century beginnings, biennials have had an exhibition focus linked to salon and art-contest formats. However, recent globalization processes have turned many of these shows into platforms for experimentation and dialogue. Along those lines, the last three Bienal FEMSA iterations transformed from a contest to a curatorial model that, unlike most biennials, is also itinerant. The 15th edition lends continuity to that nomadic character and responds to the context of where it sets up, based on a metaphoric topography. With its Guanajuato venues, we conceive of the program as an interweave of surfaces that can be traversed as one traverses the territory and landscape, but also the body and the identity. Our intertwining features artists’ commissions, numerous public activities, an itinerant cycle of audiovisual artworks, an editorial event, and a publication that documents the process and expands its reflection. We’re looking to blaze trails that allow different audiences to encounter their own resonances as they go deeper into questionings an artwork posits.