12:00 h

and 16:30 h


Arrogante Albino

In this event, participants in the “Off-Screen” lab will interact with the exhibition space as if it were their own rooms, performing different actions. Using objects and recordings of the space, they’ll create new meanings and scenic possibilities for the audience. Echoes, live subtitles, repetitions, sound superimpositions, and other compositions give way to the ever-changing, fragmented product of this improvisational act in conversation with the narrative possibilities of what’s on-screen.


Duration: 2 hours

In memory of Alan Olivares (†)

Direction: Arrogante Albino

Performers: Amiyatzín Murrieta, Cravioto, Danna Sánchez, Jorge Flores ‘Templa’, Leslie Huichapa, Nayely Espinosa, Paula Reyes-Pérez

Video actors: Alan Olivares (†), Alejandro Mendicuti, Carolina Vázquez-Chau, Darío Millán Mejía, Elizabeth Tapia, Emiliano González, Jesús Estrada Escobedo, Héctor Jiménez Castillo, Ilián A. Mejía Amezcua, Natalia Martínez Mejía, Ruth Ramos